Administrative tasks: We save 30 hours a month for a startup and 5 hours a week for a real estate agent

Ilona Černochová

For Ilona Černochová, a real estate attorney, we prepare documents containing legal requirements necessary for the sale of a real estate.

  • We prepare documents to be ready for signature, together with clauses of purchase and pledge contracts, we manage labels and protocol of identification.
  •  Downloading extracts from the cadastral office.
  • Ilona Černochová saves about 5 hours a week and we make her work easier by uploading everything to one place, ideally on Google Drive. This allows her to modify it or comment instantly online.

The price of the above services will cost Ilona Černochová at CZK 8,000 per month.


Martin Kůra

For Martin Kůra we provide mainly administrative tasks related to business in online marketing, specifically in international SEO

  • We help Martin Kůra grow globally and target the market more effectively. We are responsible for researching information of an international scope, for example, searching for statistical data of individual countries and subsequently data of small and medium businesses involved in online marketing.
  • We have repeatedly processed marketing and business researches and have also prepared market reviews for Martin Kůra.
  • We reviewed paid apps and software that are great helpers to a work in online marketing. We monitor the market over the long term and evaluate whether it is profitable to pay for these applications or whether there is a better option.
  • We ensure smooth recruitment of new employees to Martin Kůra. We take care of all essentials, administratively ensure that everything works in the shortest time possible, and that, at the same time, the managers of new employees have as little work and worries as possible.
  • Martin's company is still a startup, so we help him prepare applications for incubator programs. We regularly monitor the market and launch new dates for the programs, then fill in the data in the applications, including all attachments. Incubators tend to have extensive list of instructions, we work primarily as a filter of the most important and most relevant information for Martin. We take care of all administration related to applying for incubation.
  • We check 3 email inboxes to which we have access every day. We filter the most important messages for Martin Kůra and forward them to competent persons in the company.
  • We manage a calendar with the application, which Martin Kůra has freely accessible and his clients make appointments and conference calls through this application. Even though the app is syncing, we check to see if any meetings and events cross.
  • All these tasks save Martin about 25-30 hours per month. He can devote himself fully to business, team management and the work he specializes in.

The whole cooperation is usually based on 12 000 - 15 000 CZK.


Why outsource administrative tasks?

The administration is often neglected in the initial phase of business. Sooner or later, this approach can backfire. Why delegate administration?

  • It is difficult to find an assistant who knows how to handle your finance statements, speaks several languages, knows the basics of marketing or knows how to work with Excel. Finding such an assistant at a reasonable price is almost impossible. A virtual assistant is a good choice for administrative tasks.
  • You only pay for what you actually use up. Our virtual assistants have a university degree with a great range of knowledge. You will not have to deal with the problem of substitutability (our assistants are never sick even on vacation).


What do we do most often?

  • We prepare applications for incubators.
  • We manage email, calendar and other applications like
  • We manage new demands.
  • We prepare documents for negotiations.
  • We look for the necessary information.
  • We create presentations.


How does it work? It's simple and fast.

  1. We make an appointment or conference call to review your individual settings and business processes.
  2. We will evaluate everything together and propose an estimated price.
  3. We set up substitutability, internal processes and get to work.
  4. After a few weeks, we evaluate the effectiveness of newly set up systems and processes. If possible, we will suggest improvements or accelerations.
  5. Our goal is to fully set up cooperation. We want to see a satisfied client in you and maintain and develop well-functioning and long-term business relationships.


How does it look in practice?

In the first phase we help entrepreneurs and businesses to find out what needs to be done and what to expect. In the second phase, the customer outsources the work of a personal assistant to us. From routine tasks (courier services and administrative tasks at the office) to more complex tasks (market reviews, reporting, finance, translation, ...).

The aim of virtual assistance is to streamline your own time, focusing only on business-critical areas. You can delegate the rest to a partner who can do what others don't.


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