Customer Support: Thanks to myTimi the internal staff costs have dropped significantly

OMB AGENCY: Creating customized websites and e-shops

We provide complete customer service for OMB AGENCY. Thanks to it:

  • They do not have to employ one internal employee who would have to do customer service.
  • In reality, the work sums up to 1-2 hours a day, out of which 80% of the requests are handled directly by myTimi and 20% of the requests require a reaction by OMB staff (e.g. developer response).
  • We process the requests and, if necessary, correctly delegate them to colleagues from OMB AGENCY.

OMB AGENCY pays an average of CZK 5,000 per month for the complete customer service.


Ovoce do práce - import of quality fruit into companies

For Ovoce do práce (literally Fruit for work) we provide an ordering system and handle part of customer communication.

  • We work with hundreds of new orders per month.
  • We save the customer over 30 hours per month.
  • Ovoce do práce also saves money with myTimi. If they did not use the services of a virtual assistant, they would have to allocate 1 employee for such work. The cost of a worker and his training would be many times higher.

Ovoce do práce will pay 7,500 CZK per month for working with the ordering system and handling part of the customer communication.


Mementerra. Memories you can touch.

For Mementerra, we usually deal with errors in orders, but we are also in charge of customer communication.

  • We find out why the order has not yet arrived, where it is located, etc.
  • We handle hundreds of customer messages on Facebook and via email communication.
  • This saves Mementerra 5 to 10 hours of time.

This service costs CZK 2,000 per month.


Why outsource customer service?

Outsourcing customer service has two great advantages.

  • It increases customer satisfaction by up to 40%.
  • It reduces internal labor costs by up to 90%.


 What do we do most often?

  • We solve communication on social networks, e-mail or over the phone.
  • We handle complaints.
  • We provide orders.
  • We act as the first customer communication filter.


How does it work? It's simple and fast.

  1. We make an appointment or conference call to review your individual settings and business processes.
  2. We will evaluate everything together and propose an estimated price.
  3. We set up substitutability, internal processes and get to work.
  4. After a few weeks, we evaluate the effectiveness of newly set up systems and processes. If possible, we will suggest improvements or accelerations.
  5. Our goal is to fully set up cooperation. We want to see a satisfied client in you and maintain and develop well-functioning and long-term business relationships.


How does it look in practice?

We are currently working with myTimi customers on the so-called first level (also Level 1 or First line). We are therefore the first contact with which the public communicates. What does it mean?

We collect individual requirements, analyze and consider how serious the problem is. Subsequently, we handle simple queries or delegate individual requests.

It is always important for us to know the customer personally. Not only is the whole cooperation more pleasant, we are also able to better handle the needs and requirements of our customers. If we comprehensively understand the business of the other party, we can respond correctly in the represented communication.

What else should be mentioned? We always represent the customer in communication. This means that we introduce ourselves as an assistant or customer support team for the business. At myTimi we pride ourselves on top customer service to our clients and we treat third-party customers with the same care.


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