Employee benefits

The lack of people in the labor market and the increased burdens of obligations on people are pushing companies to improve employee care. Only 44% of them are satisfied with the current benefits. We offer a completely new and original type of employee benefits that will help companies and employees to be satisfied. MyTimi services solve almost any task that people do not want to waste time on or that is usually handled during business hours.

Leisure time is increasingly getting more valuable to people. Offer it to your employees as well. Timi is a great benefit that will not miss the untapped potential of your employees.

40% of employees
admit that they regularly handle personal issues at work

63% of employees
are more focused on work when they have personal matters sorted out

1 day per month
is the average time an employee spends on personal things at work

33% of employees
perceive arranging personal things at work as necessary

3,500,000 CZK of turnover
This is the amount of money a medium-sized IT company loses annually because of the untapped potential of its employees.

30,000,000 CZK of turnover
This is how much a large corporate finance company can lose every year.

According to research conducted by SODEXO, enough free time is important for 32.44% of employees.
Give your employees the most valuable asset and relieve them of the annoying personal duties they handle in the workplace anyway.
If you use the Benefit Plus program in your company, you can pay for the tasks directly from the cafeteria.

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