Event management: We are helping organize a gastronomic festival, which will be visited by up to 10,000 people

What we helped our customers with:


We are helping the main organizer of the traditional gastronomic festival Foodparade, which is visited by about 7,000 - 10,000 people every year. We are mainly looking for restaurants that should not be missing at the festival.

  • We take care of the research of world cuisine, from Czech, Slovak, Asian, Mexican, to Belgian, Italian or French. We are looking for Czech farmers and small entrepreneurs with local products and snacks.
  • We collect all your contacts in one place and thus manage Foodparade's database with hundreds of contacts.
  • We found dozens of companies and addressed them with offers of partnership, both financial and media.
  • We contact potential exhibitors by phone. From our client we have all information about prices and conditions under which the places can be offered. If the restaurant shows interest, we send them a structured presentation and follow up via e-mail communication.
  • Last year the festival was affected by bad weather, which didn´t set the marks too well for this year´s event. We approached nearly 300 exhibitors and partners and launched cooperation with them. We have achieved a significant improvement in the situation, increasing the overall number of exhibitors attending, and positively influencing the financial development and budget of the festival.
  • We spend 60 hours a month preparing this event.

The price of these services comes at 18 000 CZK monthly to Foodparade.


Why outsource event management?

Not too many internal staff have an experience with event management. Even if they do, they can rarely organize the event effectively.

  1. Outsourcing of event management avoids unnecessary mistakes.
  2. You will save a lot of time and trouble, because for most internal employees this is an unexplored issue.


What do we usually do?

  • We look for suitable premises.
  • We get quotes.
  • We communicate with suppliers.
  • We arrange invitations for regular and new customers.
  • We personally help at the venue.
  • We address exhibitors and performers.


How does it work? It's simple and fast.

  1. We schedule an appointment or conference call to review your individual settings and business processes.
  2. We evaluate everything together and propose an estimated price.
  3. We set up substitutability, internal processes and get to work.
  4. After a few weeks, we evaluate the effectiveness of the newly set up systems and processes. If possible, we suggest improvements or accelerations.
  5. Our goal is to fully set up an efficient cooperation. We want to see a satisfied client in you and maintain and develop well-functioning and long-term business relationships.


How does it look in real life?

We usually meet the client for the first time at a personal or video consultation. Whether it's a conference, a corporate event, a New Year party or a promo event, we'll go through the customer's needs, goals and opportunities. We want to know what the aim of the event should be, what activities follow after the event is finished and what the customer wants to achieve.

We know that the key is in production, we focus on the goal, but also the appropriate date and place of the event itself, the event program. In some cases we also help with the invitation and technical and production support. Before the event, we will suggest a process that we are considering within the customer's budget capabilities. Alternatively, in the final stage, we agree on small details to bring the result closer to the customer's original intentions and goals.



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