Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Timi and how can they be helpful?

myTimi is a team of personal assistants that will solve (pretty much) any task for you. Legally, of course. We cannot add more hours to your day, but we do save your time and nerves. 

Are you looking for travel ideas? Do you need to register a new car and simply hate wasting time at the registration office? Instead of dozens of minutes wasted researching the “what, where, when and how”, just e-mail us and… Done! We´ll happily take care of your errands while you spend your time doing things you actually like. 

Don´t forget, our goal is to bring smile to your face.

How do I begin?
  1. You send us the assignment we can help you with.
  2. We suggest a price range, deadline and feasibility rate of the task. Once you confirm the details, we start working and you can clear your mind. 
  3. Timi works on your assignment while you hang out with your family, relax or work. What´s more, you can try our services for free.
How do I submit a task?

You can use e-mail (, text message (601 126 669) or FB messenger. If you´re not a fan of typing or simply enjoy the sound of human voice, feel free to call us. We´ll be glad to hear from you. Pigeons and smoke signals are still being considered.

How fast can you solve my task?

Routine tasks are finished before you can blink; more sophisticated ones require a couple of days. How long to complete your assignment? Send us the instructions and we´ll get back to you about the estimated time. We start working as soon as you confirm the price. In case of any bumps on the road we´ll let you know immediately. No matter what, we´ll keep you posted.

How much will I pay?

Price depends on the time we spend working on the task. The average price is 190 CZK. We are used to dealing with a great variety of tasks on a daily basis, so there´s no doubt we can solve it faster than you imagine. Would you like to know the price of your task? Why don´t you send it our way – we´ll suggest a price range, deadline and feasibility. Remember – if you´re not happy with the final price of the task, you get to pay whatever price you find accurate. Is 180 CZK too much for researching and buying bus tickets in Spain? Decide on the price you´re willing to pay by yourself. Of course, it works both ways 😉 .

Can I submit my assignment at any time?

Make sure to submit the task as soon as it pops into your head, so you can sit back and leave the work to us. Are you falling asleep and suddenly remember you mother-in-law´s birthday? Text us and get back to bed. We´ll make sure to find the right gift and deliver it the following morning. We are here to attend to your tasks every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., weekends included.

Can I submit my task from any place I am?

Are you requesting a research, reservation, planning or scheduling? Feel free to contact us even from the North Pole. However, we currently offer messenger services only within Prague area. Other cities are still a terra incognita for us, but we´re already looking for a map and a compass.

How do I pay?
  1. Wire – you decide whether you prefer one invoice per month or several individual ones. We attach a QR code to make the payment even easier for you.
  2. Credit – if you don´t want to deal with the invoices, simply top up your myTimi account. To do so, please, contact us here.
  3. Card – simply pay by card, clicking on the unique link we send you after closing the task.
  4. With your cafeteria plan – does your company offer Sodexo or Benefit Plus? That means you can pay using the cafeteria system.  
What if you can´t help me with my assignment?

Some tasks may be out of our area of expertise. In such cases we will let you know immediately and offer an alternative solution. But don´t worry, situations like this come in short supply.

What if you don´t fulfill my expectations?

We will never ask you to pay for our errors. If we misinterpret your assignment and provide an inaccurate outcome, the task will be free of charge. We are not afraid to learn from our mistakes. 

I´m interested in having my own part time assistant. Is it possible?

We are ready to offer our assistance you as frequently as you need. Contact us at and we will offer you a custom-made price.

Is my data safe with you?

Your trust is our highest priority. Each Timi assistant signs a non-disclosure agreement and treats your personal information with utmost discretion and confidentiality. Your data is safe with us, we promise!

To enjoy myTimi to the fullest, please agree with our privacy policy. For more info click here.I Agree