Forgot to submit your tax return and report for the self-employed?

Obligation to file a tax return

Not every entrepreneur has to file a tax return. However, it is your responsibility if you meet at least one of the following conditions:


  • You own a house, apartment or other property
  • You use your car for business purposes
  • You have a trade license
  • Or you work for two or more employers


Filing a tax return after the deadline

There is one simple rule. Submit your return as quickly as possible! The tax office permits a full 5 days for late submission of the tax return without penalty. So if you filled or sent it just a little bit later after the deadline, you are safe. However, if the submission came to the office after the deadline, you may be fined.


  • For each day of delay, you will pay a fine of 0.05% of the tax you will be charged
  • If you do not submit your return and you receive a reminder from the tax office, you will pay 5% of the tax and a fine starting at CZK 500


Payment of income tax

Income tax is payable on the day of filing. Therefore, at best prepare money in advance or pay taxes when submitting the return.



What about the reports for the insurance company and the Social Security Administration?

Forgot to submit reports for the health insurance company and the CSSA? Don't stress yourself! You need to hand over the necessary documents by May 2, 2019. So you still have a few weeks to do so. However, you must pay fees for these reports within 8 days of submission.


Can´t make it in time? Need help filling out returns or reports? We're here for you.


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