Honza, CEO of myTimi: Delegation is an integral part of my life

Who else should we ask about delegating their tasks rather than the CEO and myTimi Director Honza himself?

Hi Honza, first of all, thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions. Can you introduce yourself to the readers in a few sentences?

Sure, my name is Jan Skovajsa :).


For the past 10 years, I have been managing people and business and it has been two years since I became the founder and director of myTimi service. I have been dealing with the problem of a great waste of my time for a long time.



What does delegation mean to you and how important it is to you?

For me, delegating my tasks is the chance to get rid of my duties, to give others the chance to do it for me, and at the same time to get a lot of free time. Delegation is an integral part of my life. It is an extraordinary way to work efficiently and to be productive and I think it has always been my priority. Ever since I was a kid, I had a tendency to shift my responsibilities to friends and siblings :).


How much work in your position can be delegated?

Apart from complex tasks (strategic business issues and business meetings), almost everything can be delegated. When the work gets less valuable than the price of my time, it pays off to delegate it to a 3rd party, which will handle 80% of the performance for 20% of the price.


Which tasks do you not want to solve and delegate them right away?


If I evaluate that I do not have to do the task myself and that it does not bring me anything extra (such as joy or new knowledge), I ask myself a question. Can someone else do the job like me or at least at 80% of how I'd do it? If the answer is yes, I delegate it. Which I do with about 50-70% of my operational activities.


Good examples are flight tickets and travel in general, car service, managing authorities, insurance companies, administrative tasks, reporting, etc.


Which tasks and activities are suitable for delegation and which are not?


A 5-minute unique task is unreasonable. It will not be repeated, so there is no point in setting up a system. Or a task requiring any expertise. I mean, for example, marketing, corporate strategy, financial analysis, big data, etc. I would not delegate business meetings.


Of course, the more senior team you have, the more difficult things you can delegate.


What is the hourly rate of your time?

For me, the value of my free time is somewhere between CZK 1,500 - 2,000.


Do you think you value your free time more than the people around you?

I hate to say it, but I guess so. It has always been natural for me. It seems that people are always chasing for money. What is much more important is having enough money to buy my own time. By that I'm trying to say that time is the most important asset for us.

I think it's even one of the most frequent things people regret in old age. That they didn't have time for hobbies and people they love. I would not like to wake up at eighty to find out that I was rich, but to be rich, I had no time for anyone and anything.


Why do you think it's important to know the value of your time?

Because you get a huge amount of free time, and you don't mind paying people for managing your child benefits or getting your theatre tickets, cheaper (in terms of time).


What requirements does the person / virtual assistant to whom you delegate the task have to meet?

They must be smart and bright, he or she must understand the task right away and has to do it without mistakes. I hate to repeat myself and I do not want to participate in excessive communication. I only expect the result. This is what I try to do with our service, but there is a long way to go.


What are the benefits of delegation, whether for the whole organization, manager or staff?

Significantly more efficient working environment. People engage in activities for which they are paid and where they make the most of their time. Unfortunately, the reality is that in many companies, for example, a programmer has to do some administration here and there. It is an unnecessary activity that can be completely removed by a properly configured processes and the delegation system.


Why did you decide to use myTimi, what have you recently delegated to it, and how satisfied were you with the result?

The first reason is that I founded it :). And it stems from my own need to delegate activities to others. I did not want my own assistant because the assistant has limits - there is only one and therefore can do a limited number of things. I want a service that can do everything and I can rely 100% on it. That's why I founded the company and now I use it.


I mainly delegate the administrative and financial part of my work. And then the leisure tasks associated with travelling (flight tickets, itineraries, hotels), car repairs and maintenance and anything with connected to the bureaucracy.



We thank Honza for the interview. Delegation is indeed an integral part of Honza's life, and therefore we have arranged for him the most intense experience of his last vacation: diving with sharks.


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