Assistance to foreigners

We mostly help foreigners with applications for temporary or permanent residence. We can also assist in official or other meetings and help with translation.

  • For both temporary and permanent residence, we will apply and assist you in obtaining all necessary documentation.
  • We will help you find new housing, including complete interior furnishings and additional services (cleaning services, etc.).
  • We will handle all administrative matters (visa, residence permit, invitation letter, nostrification, etc.).
  • We can assist in official and other meetings.
  • We will translate all the necessary documents for you.
  • We will help you with your business (establishment of a company, trade license, business consultation) or finding a new job.

How much will it cost you?

  • The price of this service ranges from 600 to 1000 CZK.

When do you uncheck a task from the list?

  • Dealing with the authorities is a long run. But we will do everything to make you feel at ease and feel at home in the Czech Republic soon.

What interests us?

  1. Your personal data (to fill in the application form).
  2. Purpose of your stay.
  3. Number of documents, ie:
  4. Generalized Power of Attorney - we will prepare it, have it signed, and have it verified together.
  5. Completed application - we will fill in for you.
  6. ID photo.
  7. Copy of ID or travel document.
  8. Proof of accommodation - an extract from the Land Register or a valid original or a certified copy of the lease.
  9. Proof of health insurance in the Czech Republic - it will be issued to you while you wait at any branch of your health insurance company.
  10. A document proving the purpose of the stay - eg a certified copy of the employment contract.
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