We will take care of your car/moto.

  • We will help with the purchase or sale of cars and motorcycles.
  • We will arrange the registration or log out of the car, the transcript of the new owner or changes in the registration card.
  • We will handle the ecological disposal of the car.
  • We'll take the car to service.
  • Let the tires buckle.
  • Let the car clean.

How much will it cost you?

  • Some administrative tasks take longer. In addition, the price depends on a large number of parameters. The hourly rate is 390 CZK /hour and 200 CZK/ hour for courier services.

When do you uncheck a task from the list?

  • We'll complete the assignment a few days after you submit it. Unfortunately, it still depends more on authorities, insurance companies, services, and other institutions than on us.

What interests us?

  1. What is the specific task?
  2. Other information: where the car is from, where is your car insured, etc.
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