Actions and events are planned from A to Z according to your needs and entered parameters.

  • We will organize any corporate event for you (from teambuilding to conference), plan a celebration or anniversary, prepare a wedding.
  • We will provide promotional materials, banners and printed materials, eventually, create an event website.

How much will it cost you?

  • Planning a family celebration with your loved ones and corporate conferences for hundreds of participants cannot be compared. Therefore, count on the hourly rate, which depends on the type of action and complexity.

When do you uncheck a task from the list?

  • You will receive an overview of suitable premises from us the next day, we can work on a large corporate event or wedding for several weeks.

What interests us?

  1. The total budget for the event.
  2. What do you want to include in your planning? Some people just need to look for spaces, others want to organize the event. Some also want to provide technical and production facilities, catering and promotional materials.
  3. Number of participants and deadline (fixed or variable).
  4. What is your idea of the program? Should your action have a goal?
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