Trade licenses or establishing companies

We will help you solve any problems in the area of legislation establishing or changing s.r.o. or creating new ICO.

  • We will help you to set up s.r.o. including a virtual office, or a private office.
  • We'll help you change your company name or location, change your billing information, or change your business executive.
  • In the first phase, we will prepare an inventory of all documents and information needed to establish a s.r.o. and issue a power of attorney, which you will need to sign and verify.
  • We will collect verified power of attorney together with other documents from you. You can leave the rest to us again.

How much will it cost you?

  • Price of our service for assistance in establishing s.r.o. is 2000 - 2400 CZK.
  • The price of our service for assistance in changing data is 900 - 1200 CZK.

When do you uncheck a task from the list?

  • Dealing with the authorities is a long run. The processing time is up to 2 weeks.

What interests us?

  1. Information about the company, executives and partners.
  2. Whether you have your own office or want to create a virtual office.
  3. Company's business.
  4. Extracts from the criminal record of all company executives and their affidavits.
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