Sales assistance - The best way to find a wedding venue for a ceremony or banquet

We have been cooperating with the wedding portal, which currently manages approximately 450 places suitable for weddings. We help with the expansion of the list of venues for wedding receptions.

  • offers two versions of profiles (paid and unpaid). Our second goal is to engage and encourage customers to switch from a free profile to a paid version.
  • We always use the name of the Wedding Atlas when making calls.
  • We created our own callscript, perfectly studied all the arguments and background of the project. We can answer all the questions.
  • We communicate by phone with places that know about, but we also contact newly found places that have never heard of the wedding portal.
  • We created landing page for new potential clients.
  • We maintain basic e-mail communication with the clients of and in case of increased interest we will hand over the contact to the client himself. He then takes over the overall profile settings and billing.
  • On average, we spend 15 hours a month calling and sending e-mails.
  • saves time with us. Moreover, he is well aware of the fact that cold calls is not for everyone and therefore he entrusted it to us.

The price of such a service costs CZK 5,000 per month


Quitec - Gas station technology

For Quitec, we called a database of all clients that the company has met over 20 years of business.

  • Our common goal was to find out the current situation of all the cooperating petrol stations from the past. We discovered stations that no longer existed, and with those that were working, we tried to renew the cooperation. 
  • Many customers were satisfied with Quitec's services in the past, so we managed to make 15 meetings in the first 2 weeks. On the basis of these, the stations were revised and the necessary service of the equipment was performed, together with replacement of the devices with better technologies.
  • When calling, we offered a number of brand new products.
  • We managed to ensure the renewal of cooperation and increase sales for Quitec.

The initial calling process took us 15 hours at the price of CZK 7,000


Why outsource business activities?

Business outsourcing usually makes many things easier for entrepreneurs. How is it possible?

  • They will get rid of the often despised activity, which, unlike previous efforts, brings them results.
  • We usually arrange several meetings a week to increase sales by up to 30%.


What do we do most often?

  • Set business strategy.
  • Creation of databases.
  • Creating callscript.
  • Search for contacts.
  • Making calls about interests, i.e. getting cold contacts.
  • Making appointments and Skype calls.


How does it work? It's simple and fast.

  1. We schedule an appointment or conference call to review your individual settings and business processes.
  2. We will evaluate everything together and propose an estimated price.
  3. We set up substitutability, internal processes and get to work.
  4. In the case of strategy and marketing, further meetings with the customer and joint preparation are required. Marketing is more interactive than other areas.
  5. After a few weeks, we evaluate the effectiveness of newly set up systems and processes. If possible, we will suggest improvements or accelerations.
  6. Our goal is to fully set up an efficient cooperation. We want to see a satisfied client in you and maintain and develop well-functioning and long-term business relationships.


How does it look in practice?

In the first phase, we help entrepreneurs and businesses set business strategies. If this is not necessary, we take the opportunity to expand their product or service to as many potential customers as possible. 

We will do this by addressing and attracting brand new customers. We will create a tailor-made database for entrepreneurs and companies. They have an up-to-date list of companies doing business in the field.

We create user-friendly databases and structured tables. Entrepreneurs and companies will find not only general contact information, but also contacts for the company management. We are looking for emails, phones, LinkedIn or FB profiles. We want the subsequent addressing, calling and appointment meetings to be as effective as possible. Generally, we can find 15-20 contacts per hour.


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