Single mothers deserve a better life

Do not be shy to seek help


For many tradesmen and entrepreneurs, we deal with B2B services, for mothers we handle their parental allowance and for other clients, for example, we book a hotel room, table at a restaurant or a dentist appointment.

Every task is unique in its own way, but sometimes our clients surprise us with their creativity, and we are just curious about what we can help with. Want details? Dive with us in a task that made everyone feel good.


Life has chapters worth reading ...

Have you heard about the Příběhy lidí project (Stories of people)? Its creators presented these interviews in the following way:


“We are Silvie Dymáková and Marek Chaloupka and we want to bring you stories. People's stories. For we know that life has chapters worth reading ... ”


Wonderful and moving stories that will get you

The project tells the stories of a single mother, but also of a woman with a daughter suffering from a severe form of autism, a homeless philosopher, a woman wearing XXXXXL clothes, or an army officer who has become an enemy of the state. The creators ignore the boundaries and get to the core. At the same time, they help as much as they can.

Příběhy lidí have been supported by several donors and partners, helping to alleviate or improve the often difficult life situations. But why do we write about it?


Why did the Czech Lion awardee contact us? 

During one hectic working day, we were contacted by Silvie Dymáková, founder of the project, a host and awardee of the Czech Lion and the Femina Grande Award. She met myTimi during an interview for Czech Television. What message did we get from her?

“One of the mothers and her two sons will arrive from Pilsen on Tuesday. She was in Prague only once and she needs a guide. Since I am out of Prague from Monday to Wednesday (and I can't cancel), would you be able to accompany her? ”


We won't lie ... When Silvie contacted us the day before the event, our capacities were overfilled. We reassessed our priorities and said yes to Silvia. Single mothers deserve help!


How to give a mom a day to remember

A few months ago, the Příběhy lidí project was given the opportunity to choose eight mothers whose visage will be transformed by a famous hairdressing studio. Another partner added the opportunity to visit the Museum of Film Legends.

Ms. Dymáková forwarded the instructions about the time and place of arrival of the mum with her children, together with the directions to the hairdresser´s. Fortunately, the family was not discouraged from travelling to Prague, and myTimi got the task of planning an adventurous program for the day that both the mother and her two sons would remember for a long time.



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