The best theatres in Prague a.k.a. if you want a ticket, get ready to fight!

1. Dejvické Theater: buy a tent first, then a ticket!

The Dejvické Theater deserves clear leadership in our rankings. We can confirm rumours that it is one of the most sought after and visited Czech theatres. Their online presale is a lost battle and some brave individuals sleep in a tent in front of the theatre to buy the tickets in person!

Some fans are grateful, at least, for the production of television series in which a large part of the Dejvické Theater ensemble plays. The last one is a six-part television comedy series for the Czech Television, The Destruction of the Dejvické Theater.


2. Viola Theater: drop your heels, put on comfortable shoes!

If you want tickets to the Viola Theater, which was also attended by the American poet Allen Ginsberg in 1965, be prepared to stand for a few hours in the queue. Replace your heels with comfortable sneakers, buy snacks along the way and buy 4-layer handkerchiefs in the drugstore, because sometimes there will not be enough tickets anyway. Viola Theater wins second place from us!


3. Jára Cimrman Theater

Jára Cimrman, the winner of the title for The Greatest Czech in 2005, is undoubtedly a Czech phenomenon. If you want to get tickets to the Jára Cimrman Žižkov Theater from the comfort of your home, we are sorry to disappoint you. They only have an online presale and the website is constantly falling down. For this, he deserved the third place.


4. Kampa Theater: settle for a book rather than performance!

The fourth place knows the winner. Personal freedom through the wisdom of the old Toltecs should be sought in the book of Don Miguel Ruiz rather than in the theatre performance Four Agreements at the Kampa Theater. As the play is not scheduled regularly, so you can at best guess when the sale will start.


Tickets are usually sold out within two hours, so if you were able to estimate the date, then play a lottery on the way for the tickets.



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