The event is just a small piece of cake

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Almost everyone had the honour of attending a company event. Don't get me wrong. We are not saying that you must necessarily remember everything from it (especially if the alcohol was free). Event planning or event preparation is not necessarily the responsibility of the marketing department alone.

Did the boss just ask you to hold a small New Year's party or teambuilding for your department? Do not panic!


Assemble all the pieces of cake

It is necessary to realize that the actual planning of the event and its course is only a small part of the whole. What is the aim of the event and what activities should be created after the event? You want to achieve something with conferences, corporate events, New Year's parties or promotions. To introduce the service or product to the public, to connect people across the company, to create a pleasant atmosphere within the team that will increase productivity or increase sales.

 I want to plan a business event  


Production is key

Customize the atmosphere of the event to your goals. Here, the production is important, thanks to which you not only plan the event with a clear message but also achieve the desired result. You can take over the production role yourself or use the services of a production agency. If you need to plan your event yourself, you will need enough time.

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What you should not forget? 

  • What is your goal

If you are planning a New Year's party or teambuilding and your goal is to create a pleasant atmosphere inside the team that will lead to productivity gains, avoid competition games. These can ultimately be harmful, so you should replace them with games that are predominantly collaborative. Your colleagues hardly know Čech, Jagr and Kvitová? Avoid sporting activities. 


  • Appropriate date and location

It is good to realize who, regardless of the type of event, will participate in the event. Should it take place in the middle of the week or at the weekend? How many people arrive and what are their interests? We believe that your colleague and dad of two children would like to attend a weekend visit to a wine cellar in Moravia, but do you know what problems you can cause him at home? This and much more needs to be considered before the event.


  • Program and budget

It is not a rule that without an enormous budget you cannot organize an event that your colleagues will not forget. Modify the program to your company's budget and guest interests. Remember what your goal is, experiment and be creative.

I want 3 variants of the program from Timi  


  • Invitation card

With the invitation, you should win. As part of the event, this is your first contact with colleagues and guests you want to invite. You must engage them! Get them! Don't let the invitation fall into the storm of email!

 I want an original invitation from Timi  


  • Technical and production support

Depending on the type, objective and size of the event, think about whether you need the help of a production agency. The course of the event will most likely be accompanied by many complications that you will have to solve. It is important that guests communicate with each other. Ideally, however, about something other than unsuitable spaces and nasty looking sandwiches with a ton of mayonnaise.


Event planning can be fun

If you don't know what to do, or need help with your first step, don't be afraid to contact Timi's Virtual Assistant. He has worked several hours of production. You only pay for the time spent and you don't need any employment contracts. Need help with a million-dollar action, or do you just want to create promotional materials and banners from experienced graphic designers? Timi enjoys event planning, knows what fatal mistakes to avoid, so he has already prepared:


  • Organization of corporate events
  • Planning celebrations and anniversaries
  • Preparation of weddings


Asking for a suitable catering agency, capable technicians and a passionate production agency? With Timi everything in one place!


And what else did Timi help his customers with in December?


  • Arranging catering for the next day
  • 3D printer sale
  • Travel itinerary to Berlin
  • Babysitting
  • Securing furniture moving within 15 minutes


We are also looking forward to your tasks!


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