They wrote about us: On-call services revolutionize the delegation of work

Revolution in work delegation

“On-call services revolutionize the delegation of work. And it will literally change the lives of us, the freelancers. ”

This is how Daniel Gamrot began his article on microservices. He revealed about himself that he used to be a bit lazy. Self-discipline and a well-designed system helped him succeed, and he has an unobtrusive "helper" that saves at least 2 weeks of his time a year. 

Daniel Gamrot on delegating

Daniel dedicated himself to researching microservices in the last year. He particularly appreciates the fact that choosing a virtual assistant will facilitate an unprecedented amount of work and can be afforded even by those who are far from billionaires.


“I wanted to create a text that would show you what could happen not necessarily behind your back, but without your presence. While you pay attention to study, project analysis or the little boy who would give anything to play with you, something incredible is happening.


He found out that an online assistant would transcribe a recorded voice tag for him, find a top copywriter, walk the dog when he gets stuck at work, bring him a forgotten phone charger, revise a contract, come clean up the apartment or arrange the delivery of several items of clothing selected by stylist, with whom you don't even need to meet.


Use the service of assistants with expert skills


Daniel found out the secret of using talented and qualified people with expert skills without having to start his own business. 

"Since I have no ambitions to employ someone for months and plan his or her responsibilities, microservices are more convenient for me."

He describes microservices as an assistant who comes to work only when needed, leading to efficiency and zero fixed costs.


What can be assigned to the virtual assistant

It took Daniel only 10 minutes to come up with a long list of things to put into the hands of the microservice. We bring you only a handful of them:


  • Meetings scheduling, calling and less important phone calls.
  • Business trip planning (hotels, tickets, flight tickets).
  • Reminding important events.
  • Client database and CRM management.
  • Administrative activities (invoicing, accounting and document records, sorting emails, sending invitations and operative communication with clients).
  • Preparation of slides and presentations, training materials including printing and on-site import.
  • Proofreading, transcription of audio and video files into text.
  • Event planning (arranging a venue for training or conference, arranging catering and communicating with participants).
  • Courier services and waiting in queues (e.g. when dealing with authorities).
  • Simple graphic works and marketing services.
  • Managing websites in WordPress or another content management system.
  • Houseworks (cleaning, ironing, moving furniture, plumbing services, minor repairs and maintenance, the connection of appliances).
  • Legal services and contract templates preparations and revisions.
  • Babysitting.
  • Walking the dog or other pets.
  • Bicycle service.


The process of assigning tasks is very easy

He also pleased us by appreciating the simple 4-step input process:

  1. You enter an assignment via email, web-form, Messenger, or phone.
  2. myTimi will confirm it and estimate the time and cost.
  3. You confirm the task or give a fixed agreement that if the task takes less than an hour, myTimi will start working immediately without having to confirm.
  4. By the estimated deadline, myTimi will send you a result for your approval.


Why should you choose myTimi

Daniel had long been looking for a service that suited him. He tried about 6 virtual assistants before he found myTimi, which he said met his strict criteria. What are they?

  1. Immediate answer.
  2. Availability anytime on weekdays.
  3. Efficient and minimalist communication.
  4. Easily assigned complex tasks.
  5. Independence, the effort to improve and grow based on feedback.
  6. High quality outputs.


A team of coordinated and interchangeable assistants

 “You can think of myTimi as a team of well-coordinated and perfectly substitutable assistants who are always willing to help you with your often difficult tasks. They work on them while you are engaged in activities which you excel at."


What tasks did we finish for Daniel?


  • Change of permanent residence and parking card for Prague 6.
  • Printing and delivery of documents and materials to the site of a workshop.
  • Finding and booking places for public training, including catering.
  • Search for Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu clubs in Thailand.
  • Providing translations into English.
  • Finding a native speaker for English conversation training.
  • Finding a graphic designer for his web pages who process introductory pictures, illustrations and comics that are then added to articles.
  • Exploring ideas for a new diary.
  • Choosing a restaurant for training graduates meeting.
  • Revision of articles.

But Daniel wrote much more. Want to try our services? Get inspired and click here!



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