Time management: Where do you find the time?

Time Thief

We all have a small something that takes a lot of our time. Somebody spends a lot of time playing games, somebody likes watching series (damn you, Netflix) and somebody prefers to look out the window with a cup of great coffee.


Time management is not a dirty word

Time management was created mainly for the purpose of effective time control. Time is usually the most valuable (also due to its limited amount) resource. It is thanks to Time management that we can better organize our time, increase our work productivity and engage in a lot of leisure activities.


How does Timi or everyone else use the time management?

Time management, therefore, plays a major role not only during our working hours but also in personal life. It can have a positive impact on the quality of life and lifestyle. Time management is really for everyone. Each one of us manages their time and we all have the same limited amount (24 hours a day).


Development through 4 generations

Time management as a discipline has been around for some time, let's consider it a senior. What were the main tasks of each of its generations?

  • 1st generation: proper organization of tasks and activities.
  • 2nd generation: task scheduling and goal setting. Calendars and organizers are starting to get used.
  • 3rd generation: coordinating activities across the organization and prioritizing goals and tasks.
  • 4th generation: reconciling professional and personal priorities to get back to human, quality and value of his life .


What can be put into time management?


Everything starts with planning, setting and prioritizing goals, but also includes delegation, time analysis, monitoring and control, and time schedule planning. Simply and easily, it includes everything that leads to the efficient use of time.


Timi will do the annoying tasks for you

Timi, your Virtual Assistant, has a great experience with time management. He can perfectly organize your calendar, likes routine work tasks, and has no problem with scheduling a doctor's appointment. He can thus partly fool time. Indeed, you will only have 24 hours a day, but Timi can work for you additional x hours that you would have to spend at the office desk. You can rather devote yourself to your family and your favourite hobbies, or open the bag of chips and relax with the new series.


Just use 300 CZK in credits for your first tasks!


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