Frequently Asked Questions

What is myTimi and how it can help me?

myTimi is a team of personal assistants who will take over any part of your business for you. Be it personal assistance, marketing, finance, sales promotion, customer service and much more.

With us, you can focus on the growth and success of your business and do not have to deal with areas you do not know or do not have time for.

Why virtual Assistance?

The whole idea is based on:

Combining the knowledge and experience of a multitude of people. Simply and simply: more heads, more knows.
Lower spending. You can forget about the costs of pay, holidays, office and equipment with our virtual assistants.
Full substitutability. The Virtual Assistant always works, never dealing with vacation or limited experience.
Less administrative effort. You do not deal with authorities for employees.
Economies of scale. Benefit from us the benefits of large-scale operation and production.
Proactive approach. We always suggest improvements and changes to current practices, all to save you time and money.
Reliability. Our promises are true!

How does it work?

Just give us a task, send a contact form or write to our CEO First, we evaluate what makes sense to pass on assistants. We set up the processes, you tell us what would you like, and we will happily work for you.

We do not want to rest on our laurels and so in about a month we usually come up with ideas to improve or speed up the current procedures and work system. Thanks to us you can have time for another business or for your family.

How to start?

Simply. We will meet for an initial consultation for free or arrange a conference call, review your needs and then delegate to us. You know all the assistants who work for you personally. With myTimi, you don't buy hare in a bag. Usually, the customer has a primary contact assistant (account manager) with whom to deal with the most important delegation issues.

Do I have to communicate with different people?

You don't have to. We want to make the whole process easier and more pleasant. Therefore, you can pass all your agenda to one assistant and we will internally assign tasks to reach the most competent person.

What can I delegate to virtual assistant?
  • Personal agenda - personal assistant tasks
  • Customer care - phone, e-mail, CRM.
  • Finance - accounting.
  • Marketing - PPC, social sites, SEO, web development, copywriting, graphics.
  • Sales agenda - lead generation, contact lists, cold calling
  • Administrative and repetitive cyclical tasks.
How fast is the service?

Lightning fast. Any communication is usually dealt with up to 5 mins.

Can I delegate my tasks anytime?

You can delegate your tasks anytime. Though our assistants work everyday since 9am to 6pm.

Do I have to be in Prague?

More than 40% of our customers are based out of Prague. myTimi is virtual assistant, therefore you do not have to be in the same city and even in the same country. 

How much will it cost me?

We have calculated that a virtual assistant always pays back to small business owners. Employees work on average only 60% of the time and also they have holidays. With the Virtual Assistant, many problems are eliminated. You only pay for the time used.

Eg: A customer service cost 30,000 CZK on average, but the real time of his work is 20h. You will pay us only around 7 000 CZK with better result. The icing on the cake is that you don't have to worry about training.

How do I know how much time did you spend on my tasks?

We send you time report every task. We also usually send regular reports based on our customer needs (weekly, monthly). We are transparent in every way.


How do I pay?

You can pay by hours or prepay our packages. The bigger you buy the less you pay. We can invoice you with or without VAT.

What if you do not fullfil my expectations?

The number of complaints is extremely low in myTimi. It's less than 1%. Thanks to our values in customer service we solve all problems immediately, transparently, admit a mistake and always fix it for free. You never have to argue with us and waste your time.

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