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We have created myTimi to be as user-friendly and transparent as possible. To make the assignment process as simple as possible, we have recently answered your most frequently asked questions.


Although you can assign almost everything to a virtual assistant and get rid of tasks that make you angry, tired or take a lot of your time, we have divided our competencies into three categories. What are they?


  1. Virtual assistant not only for entrepreneurs and businessmen.
  2. Tailor-made travel.
  3. Smart courier.


That these categories are not telling you much? Let's take a closer look at them.


1. Virtual Assistance: Time is Money

In B2B services we feel like fish in the water. Entrepreneurs and freelancers can delegate tasks from areas such as:


  • Customer service - processing orders, handling complaints, providing instructions, complete customer service.
  • Backoffice - reporting, revision and editing of documents, translations, organization of documents, preparation of presentations.
  • Business - strategy review, new strategy proposals, client acquisitions, telesales, B2C and B2B training.
  • Marketing - marketing research, copywriting, e-mail campaigns, social network management, communication with influencers, event planning.
  • Graphics - websites, promotional materials, banners and prints.
  • Finance - invoicing, accounting, financial process settings.
  • Routine tasks in the company - data entry, organization of events, routine tasks and processes.
  • Private Assistant - Calendar organization.


However, our parents, partners or friends also need a virtual assistant. What can we help with? We will arrange:



2. Tailor-made travel guarantees you a dream vacation

Who would not like a holiday? And who would not like a vacation that they do not need to plan, but can only enjoy? We do not mean classic travel services and adaptation to other tour participants. We will tailor each trip to your wishes and requirements, create a customized itinerary with tips for unknown places and get rid of all your worries and cares. What troubles can you leave to myTimi?


  • Route plan and timetable - detailed daily plan, various program options, marked routes on the map including GPS coordinates.
  • Administration or practical advice and tips - where and how to get a visa, food prices, where to exchange money, recommended vaccinations, important contacts.
  • Accommodation and transport - recommendations and reservations, flight tickets and transport to the airport, car rentals, parking tips.
  • Entertainment - tickets to sights and attractions, concerts, theatre performances, sports events and amusement parks.
  • Full bellies - recommendations and reservations of popular restaurants, wine bars, pubs, cafes and candy shops.
  • On-the-go assistance - call forwarding, unexpected help, travel advice and tips.



3. With a smart courier, you won't waste any time

Do you hate walking around the city and standing in queues? Leave the pickup and delivery to us. What can myTimi do?


  • Shipments - pickup from anywhere, delivery anywhere, delivery to multiple locations, planning the ideal route.
  • Purchase and complaints - purchase in a salesroom, purchase in the e-shop and subsequent pickup and delivery, product complaints.
  • Queues - pick up tickets for theatre, concerts, sights and other attractions or sports matches.
  • Gifts - tips and recommendations based on your requirements or description of the recipient, purchase and delivery.
  • Cars and motorbikes - changing tires, washing and cleaning the interior, rewriting to another owner, purchasing a parking card, buying a vignette.
  • Trade license and companies - establishing a trade license or company, making changes, cancelling a trade license, providing information.

The times in which you needed to employ dozens of people for your tasks had already gone. MyTimi Virtual Assistant can combine the knowledge of several qualified people with a proactive approach. You don't have to worry about reliability and saving time and money. Besides, we will solve your tasks in a second.


How quickly can we solve the most frequent tasks?

We are constantly working on customer service, improving and simplifying processes for your convenience. Whether it's virtual assistance, custom travel or smart courier services. Are you asking if we can handle your tasks today? We can deal with 67% of tasks in one day.


Have you given us a task you need to solve today? When assigning a task to one of our virtual assistants, please point it out and we will do our best to make you happy. We will be glad to regroup our priorities.


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