Your Frequently Asked Questions: We Can Do It Today

1. Where do you reside?

We have moved twice since our founding and we are currently based in the European Business Center at Dukelských Hrdinů 564/34, Prague 7, Holešovice.


2. Do you operate elsewhere other than in Prague?

So far, myTimi can operate physically only within Prague, but the beauty of technology development allows us to operate virtually all over the Czech Republic, or, the world.


3. Do you have a car?

At this point, over 95% of all smart courier tasks can be done without a car. At present, myTimi is pedestrian-only and therefore we do not participate in the pollution of Prague more than necessary.


4. How do I assign tasks?

We can't wait to hear from you the first time, the second time, or even several times.

  1. Call us at + 420 601 126 669 or if you are not a fan of the “personal” contact, please send us an SMS.
  2. So you do not want to waste your prepaid phone credit and prefer to save the minutes to talk to children, parents or your counterpart? Then send us the task by e-mail or FB Messenger.
  3. You can also assign tasks via the Asana web and mobile app.



How can you submit us a task step by step?


  1. Think about the chores that annoy you. What don´t you want to waste your time on? Do not hesitate for a minute and contact us using one of the above-mentioned tips. Call us, send an SMS, email or message at FB Messenger.
  2. myTimi will not let you wait for long and will instantly write down the price, the deadline and the feasibility of the task. Once we have agreed on the price with you, myTimi will start to work on the task and you can spend your free time with anyone who deserves it.
  3. We will finish the task, deliver the goods or plan the holidays for you. And the first time we help you, you can try the service FREE OF CHARGE in order not to buy a pig in a poke.


5. Are we able to do it today?


We are able to manage 67% of tasks within one day. Need to finish your tasks today? Let us know if you need a quick solution and we will do our best to make you satisfied. We will be happy to regroup our priorities for you.


6. How can I pay?

There are several options to pay for a completed task:


  1. Bank transfer - we want to save your time. Literally! We'll issue an invoice for all your assignments once a month, so you don't waste time paying multiple times. The invoice also includes a QR code for easier payment. All done in a moment!
  2. Credit - upload money (credits) to myTimi account and don't waste your time paying each time you assign a task.
  3. Sodexo or Benefit Plus program - do you have the option to pay from Sodexo or Benefit Plus cafeteria? Payment will be done right away.
  4. Card payment - We've added card payment to our list of payment options only recently. We wanted to make your experience more pleasant and to speed things up a little.

7. How can I use the 300 CZK credit?


For free, you will receive a 300 CZK credit from us as soon as you sign up. You don't have to ask us for it. Everybody gets it! With each assignment, we'll automatically take it away from your credit until you've run out of it.

8. How do I apply for a promo code?

Do you have a promo code and do not know how to use it? Submit it to a field called “Promo code” when you register or during a conversation with myTimi Virtual Assistant in communication. Don't worry, nobody will ever reject it :-).


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